Hickory Football Calendar

Calendar is subject to change!!!!!
Players are Off July 1st- July 11th.
Players Fees are as Follows:
125- Meals/Practice Pack (ALL)
60-ODU (Varsity Only)
40-Wing T Camp (ALL)
10-Iron Hawk (ALL)
100 7 on 7 (Selected Skill)

All gear for athletes' varsity or JV must be White or Grey (gloves, armbands, wrist, etc.), except for cleats which must be White only

Each missed practice during season results in 1 qtr of missed action excused. Unexcused misses may result in at least a half of game or more for the upcoming game. Make sure you communicate with me with absences. Jupiter.Wilson@cpschools.com or 704-917-8406 (Text)